How to apply for leave (on app)

  • From the sidebar, select Leaves.
  • To create a new leave application, click on the + button on the top right corner.
  • From this page, you will be able to see your leave entitlements. From the scrollbar, select a leave type.
  • Indicate your leave details in the application form. Note: For full day leave, there is no need to select both half days.
  • After you have verified the information, click on Submit.

How to apply for leave (on web)

  • Log in to your employee portal, pull up the side menu and go to Leaves > Apply Leaves
  • Select your Leave type
  • Select the Date range for your leave application
  • Under certain circumstances, if allowed, you can take hourly leave. You can also apply for half day leaves on either the AM or PM halves
  • Enter your Reason, if necessary
  • Attach Proof for your leave via a PDF or image file
  • Click Submit

Note: If you are unable to apply for leaves, it is likely that your admin has restricted leave application for you. Please approach them for more information.

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