The dashboard gives you a quick overview of current staff strength and outstanding items for approval.

There are 2 main sections to the Dashboard: Company Overview and TODOs.

Company overview

This section shows you the overview of your company on a daily basis such as the Total Employees as well as the number of Employees On Leave, the Employees Absent, and Employees Clocked-In.

Calendar of the Month displays the important dates, such as the payroll date, employees on leave, employees' birthday, and the hire date.

Department Breakdown shows the number of employees in each department within the company in terms of percentage.

Payroll History shows the company's expenditure on payroll on a monthly basis

Audit Trail shows the history of actions that have been made within your account 

Outstanding Approvals (TODOs)

Any outstanding items that require approval or pending payroll will be listed in this section.

Leaves, Claims, Attendance Logs, and Shift Cancellation Request notifications will appear under this section by simply clicking on the Bell icon. Click on the particular tab to go to the page where you can make approval decisions.
(Note: This section will be empty when you do not have any outstanding approvals.)

(Note: The time log card will only be shown if you enable approval for attendance)

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