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How to set up approval groups for easier management of leaves, claims and attendance records

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Approval groups facilitate processes between management-level employees and subordinate employees. It allows groups of supervisors or managers to view and approve staff applications for leave, claims, and attendance

(Note: Only approved items will be added to the Payroll each month! Any items approved after the generation of the Payroll will be added to the following month’s Payroll)

How to add new approval groups

  • Open up the sidebar and go to Company > Approval groups

  • Click on +New Approval Group in the top right corner

  • Indicate the Name of the approval group (e.g. Store A full-time workers, Store A part-time workers, etc.)

  • Select the Employees to be included in the group.

  • Click Submit if you wish to create the group without any rules applied
    (Note: This is usually done to create a group that can approve other groups' applications. The functionality will be covered below)

  • You can set Rules for the approval group by clicking Add new rule

  • Set the Approver type for the group. It can either be a single employee (e.g. A single store manager) or another Approval group (e.g. A group of managers in a store with several branches)

  • Select the Employee  if the approver type is an Employee

  • Alternatively, select an Approval group if you want to allow multiple employees to have approval authority

  • You can assign the approver(s) to approve Leaves, Claims, or Attendance logs

  • If you choose Leaves, there will be a dropdown list to select specific leave types. Leave it blank to apply to all leaves

  • If you choose Claims, there will be a dropdown list to select specific claims. Leave it blank to apply to all claims

  • If you choose Attendance logs, there will be no further prompt.

(Note: You can add multiple tiers to a single approval group by selecting add more rules and selecting the same category.)

  •  Click Submit to complete your application

How to view/edit/delete the existing approval groups

  • Open up the sidebar and go to Company > Approval groups

  • You can choose to View, Edit or Delete the respective approval groups

  • Choosing to Edit an approval group will bring you to the application page. Follow the instructions in the above section "How to add new approval groups" to edit the approval group settings

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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