As the company expands in business scale, the number of its subsidiaries should increase as well. The Payboy software allows for a single company to create and edit multiple sub-organisations and departments

This function allows the administrator to:

  • Generate payroll according to the company's own organization (i.e. main & subsidiaries)
  • Generate custom reports of an employee expenses according to his or her own organization

How to add a new organization

  • Head to Company > Organizations on the side menuĀ 
  • Click + Add More Organizations at the bottom
  • Input the Organization Name and Login ID

(Note: The login ID wil be used by Staff accounts in the Payboy login page. They will need to enter it below the company's Subdomain alias)

  • Select your Business Registration Type
  • Enter your Business Registration Number & CPF Submission Number (CSN)
  • Click Upload Logo/Letterhead button if you would like the organisation to its own logo, separate from the company
  • Add the departments as shown according to this guide
  • Click Submit to create the new organization

How to edit or delete existing organizations

  • Click the Edit button next to the organization's nameĀ 
  • You will be brought to the organisation application page. Follow the guide above (How to add a new organization) for instructions.
  • Click Delete to remove the entire organisation from the company
    Note: This is permanent and cannot be undone)

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