As the company expands in business scale, the number of its subsidiaries should increase as well. The Payboy software allows for a single company to create and edit multiple sub-organisations and departments. 

For information on how to create/amend departments and positions, please view this article.

This function allows the administrator to:

  • Generate payroll according to the company's own organization (i.e. main & subsidiaries)
  • Generate custom reports of an employee expenses according to his or her own organization

How to add a new organization

  • Head to Company > Organizations on the side menu 
  • Click + Add More Organizations at the top
  • Input the Organization Name and Login ID

(Note: The organisation login ID wil be used by employee accounts in the Payboy login page. They will need to enter it below the company's Subdomain alias, please refer to this article for more information on organisation login ID)

  • Select your Business Registration Type
  • Enter your Business Registration Number & CPF Submission Number (CSN)
  • Click Upload Logo/Letterhead button if you would like the organisation to its own logo, separate from the company
  • Add the departments as shown according to this guide
  • Click Submit to create the new organization

How to edit or delete existing organizations

  • Click the Edit button next to the organization's name 
  • You will be brought to the organisation application page. Follow the guide above (How to add a new organization) for instructions.
  • Click Delete to remove the entire organisation from the company
    Note: This is permanent and cannot be undone)

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