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An article on how to view all leaves, approve, deny or delete leaves.

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As the administrator of the company, you have a greater extent of capability to manage the leave system. You could manage them by adding a new leave, edit, and delete the existing leave submission. Furthermore, you could also make the approval decisions in order for that leave to be accounted into the payroll of the month.

Overall, this leaves system helps the company’s administrator to:

  • Provide a hassle-free process for managing the leave applications

  • Managing the leaves application easily

Automatically calculate payroll for the employees according to their working days

(e.g. unpaid leaves will not be counted in payroll as working days)

How to view/edit/delete an existing leave application

  • Head to Leaves > click on All Leaves on the side menu

  • Click on the View, Edit, or Delete button located on the right side of the particular leave accordingly.

  • To Edit, refer to the following guide for further information.

How to make approval decision on leave application for existing leaves

  • From the side panel, select Leaves > All Leaves 

  • Under the column Approval state, click on 'Approve/Deny'

  • If you would like to revert an Approval or Cancel a leave, you are able to click on Edit to change the status of the submission.

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