Branches and Outlets

A guide to inputting different branches for your company within the Payboy software

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A company might have various branches involved aside from the main headquarters. The Payboy software makes provisions to ensure that all branches can be catered for using a single application.

This is an important feature as it enables the scheduling and allocating of part-timers to different working locations across the country. 

What are the functions of Branches in Payboy?

  • To inform the employees of the location that they are allocated to

  • To reduce the chance of inputting fraud time logs by the employee

  • To allow for proper rostering of shifts within the company

How to create a new branch 

  • Head to Company > Branches/Outlets on the side menu.

  • Click the + New Branch or Outlet button on the top right

  • Enter the Branch Name

  • Adjust the Check-in radius for attendance marking. The default is 100 meters
    (Note: This is a geo-location function allowing employees to check in via the Payboy Mobile App)

  • Select the Country from the drop-down list, if needed

  • Enter the Postal code of the branch. This will automatically update the street address

  • Enter other necessary address information as needed

  • Finally, click the Submit button to create the branch.

How to view/edit/delete or archive an existing branch

  • Head to Company > Branches/Outlets on the side menu, as shown above

  • Click the View, Edit, or Delete buttons on the rows of the respective branches accordingly.

  • To Edit, follow the same steps as "How to create a new branch" as shown above.

  • To Archive, select the Edit button. Check the Archive option and then Submit.

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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