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The payroll Excel upload workflow is an alternative method of generating payrolls for your employees. It allows you to quickly populate pay item information and change the salaries of your employees, which can be useful if you are migrating previous payroll records.

How it works:

  • Firstly, from the side panel, select Payroll > Generate Payrolls

  • Select Excel Workflow from the leftmost drop-down and ensure the accurate payment period.

  • You can also select the option to exclude unpaid claims for the payroll that you're generating by checking the "Exclude unpaid claims when generating payroll" checkbox.

  • Select the relevant employees and proceed to click on the download template.

  • Once you are ready, go back to Payboy and Click on the "Proceed to upload" button. Note that, "Proceed to upload" will only be enabled after you have downloaded the Excel. (Note: If the upload button has been grayed out, simply download the template again, you do not have to redo the excel and can delete this second template later.)

  • Click on "Upload Excel File" > Select the edited Excel file > Click on "Upload Excel and generate payroll"

  • All the information will be uploaded to Payboy.

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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