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A guide to the Payroll Report function in Payboy

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With our new Payroll report generation function, you have the ultimate flexibility and choice to decide what the kind of data you wish to export for referencing or auditing purposes

Here are some examples of how you can customise and filter the data to be included or excluded in your reports:

  • Salary, pay items, claims and CPF contributions

  • Organisations, departments and positions 

  • Start and end dates for the report to be generated

How to generate a Payroll Report (Default Template)

  • From the side menu, head to Reports > Payrolls

  • The default report template will include all fields of data.T he following is a list of all the data that can be included:

  • Indicate the Start and End date for the report

  • You can choose to Filter the data further according to Organisations, Departments, Positions and Employees, as well as Pay Items and Claim Types

  • Lastly, under the Sort tab, you can decide which field the data is sorted by (e.g. alphabetical order for names, or in order of quantity for gross salary)

  • Click View Summary Page to see a detailed breakdown of the data within the Payboy webpage

  • Alternatively, you can choose click Generate Excel Report to download all the data in an Excel file

Changing or creating new report templates

  • If you would like to edit which data fields show up in the report, you can choose to Create a new Payrolls report template

  • Indicate the Name of the payroll report template

  • You can drag and drop fields to be included or excluded in the report
    (Note: The order in which the fields are dragged will determine how the columns will be arranged in the generated Excel report)

  • Click Submit to save the changes

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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