We understand that there will be certain circumstances where a company would like to assign additional allowances and reimbursements to their employees to be run regularly on a monthly basis. This guide will show you how to automate pay items to run regularly along with the monthly payroll generations.

Create or identify intended Pay Item to be set as recurring

  • Follow this guide to learn more about pay items. You can either select an existing pay item or create a new pay item that you want to set as recurring

Assign the recurring pay item to employees

  • Go to Employees > All Employees
  • Filter and select the employee that you wish to set a recurring pay item for, then click View to see their profile
  • Under the employee profile, go to the Pay Items tab
  • Click Add More to add another pay item
  • Select the intended Pay Item
  • Select the Default Amount to be given to the employee on a monthly basis
    (Note: If your pay item is saved as a fixed quantity, you will be able to change the amount here. Otherwise if it is clocked on a daily or hourly basis, you will be selecting for how many days or hours the pay item is computed in one month)
  • Set the Start Date and the End Date that you want the pay item to be computed in the employee payroll
  • Finally, click OK to save the recurring pay item

Congrats! The pay item be reflected in the employee's pay slip on during subsequent payroll generations.

Some important things to note: 

  • The pay item will only be computed in a monthly payroll if its period clears the entire month. This means that a recurring pay item that ends on the 15th of a month will NOT be computed in that month's payroll
  • The pay item is NOT pro-rated according to payment periods. This means that if you have multiple payment periods in a month, the pay item will be computed for each period generated. Keep this in mind as it might cause you to overpay employees if you are unaware

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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