How to generate GIRO files?

A guide on the how to create a GIRO file and the various actions that you are able to take

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After the generation of a payroll,  GIRO files are required for uploading to respective banks. Our GIRO flow allows for more flexibility and control on the total amount being transferred out. It also offers more understanding of the breakdown of the amount paid to the various employees.

How to create GIRO file

Note on "Selection Type":

Select All on Current Page: Will select all on the current page (e.g. employees listed on page 1 only)

Select All from Entire List: Will select all employees from the first page to the last

How to generate a consolidated GIRO file

Adding more Employees to the GIRO file

How to delete GIRO file

For more information on how to upload these files directly to the local banks, refer to the relevant articles: UOB, OCBC, DBS.

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