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What reports do Payboy have?
What reports do Payboy have?

Objectives of each report available

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Payboy has many reports made available for our users. This article aims to lay out the objective of each report available.

There are a total of 16 reports available on a full-suite account. Here are the list of reports categorized according to module and their uses:

Payroll Module:

  • A8A - IRAS amendment form.

  • Banks - Payroll breakdown based on employees' bank accounts (e.g. DBS/OCBC/UOB, etc).

  • CPF - Summary + breakdown of CPF paid categorized by month.

  • IRAS - IRAS IR8A form.

  • Payroll (Monthly) - PDF summary of the month's payroll broken down by Organisation and Department.

  • Payrolls - Excel report on amounts paid under each pay item for the filtered month(s), broken down by employee.

  • Payslips - Similar to the Payrolls report, filters according to payslips under different payment periods.

  • Salary (YTD) - Excel summary view of items paid in the entire calendar year, in each month, for each employee.

  • Payroll Variance - Report to compare the difference between the payrolls of two distinct months, and see the variance.

Claims Module:

  • Excel - Reports may be customized and contain filters of paid and unpaid claims or filtering claims with payout or no payout.

  • CSV - General overview of claims, especially claim groups. Lesser filters as compared to the Excel report.

  • PDF - Summary reports of claims, printed with receipts.

Leaves Module:

  • Leaves - this report will display every record of leaves applied by the employee.

  • Leaves Type - this report will show you the balances of leaves days of each leave type as well as display the breakdown of each leave addition.


  • Employees - Contains all personal details of employees in the system along with their pay scheme details (i.e. SHG and CPF) as well as approval groups included in.

  • Appraisal Period - Excel reports of the answers given during appraisal based on section weightage 

  • Attendance - Excel report of the working hours for each employee in the custom period chosen

  • Shift Attendance - Excel report of shift breakdown, showing working hours including overtime, for each day of the customized period.

  • Schedule - Similar to the shift attendance report inclusive of attendance log and adjusted attendance (if any), shift pay items, as well as approval state.

  • Project Costings - Costing breakdown of each project.

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