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I can't load a PDF receipt for a claim. Help!
I can't load a PDF receipt for a claim. Help!
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We are aware that some PDFs attached as receipts are unable to load on the system even after clicking refresh on the page.

There are two ways to overcome this issue:

  1. Convert the PDF file into an image file (e.g. PNG, JPEG, JPG) by using an online resource, here are some links:

2. Convert the existing PDF into another PDF format. Below are the steps on how to do so:

  • Open the PDF file on your device

  • Click on the print button found on the toolbar of your device

  • Your device will prompt for print instructions (don't worry, we will not be printing the receipt). Select the following settings then click on Print.

  • Your device will prompt for instructions on where to store the file. Pick a folder to store the document in and name the document, preferably a name that is recognizable (e.g. PDF Receipt V2)

  • Click Save.

  • Open and upload this new file (e.g. PDF Receipt V2), in place of the original receipt. Click on refresh. You should now be able to view the receipt!

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