Hello, this guide will teach you the steps on how to apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant claim on the business grant portal.

To access the business grants portal, please go to: https://www.businessgrants.gov.sg/
You will need your Corp Pass access to log in to the business grants portal. Please ensure that you have at least Preparer/Acceptor access before proceeding. You can enable the access via Corp Pass.

  1. Click on "My Grants"
  2. Click on Claims

  1. Click on Drafts
  1. Click on Project title: "Absolute Payboy HRMS Version 1.0 - Package..."
  1. Click on "Proceed".

  1. Click on "Claim Information"
  2. Fill up the following: "Vendor advised there is no unique identification number and tracking is via email." Fill up the email address that is used as your owner account. See below for example.
  3. Drag and drop the supporting documents that we've provided to the "Selected Files" section.

After uploading your files, it should look like the below:

Scroll down.

  1. Fill up the no. of months of subscription as 12.
  2. Fill up the actual expense paid out.
  1. Key in the cost savings as a percentage value
  2. You can choose from the following to describe which task will be more efficient. Please only copy the options that suit your business needs.
    -Shorten processing time on employee’s leave and claims.
    -Allow employees online access to their monthly payroll.
    -Lesser time spent on manual compiling of reports.
    -More transparency for HR processes in the company.
    -No more manual entry for CPF & Tax Filing.
    -Salary processing will be automated rather than manual entry to bank platform.
  3. Key in the % value for the reduction of man-hours.
  1. Key in your feedback for the software, you can choose from the following as well:
    -Great software, 10/10 will recommend to other companies.
    -Customer service is amazing.
    -I've evaluated many Payroll software and Payboy is still the best one.

  1. Click on "Declare & Review"
  1. Click on review

And you're done. =)

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