This article guides you on how to update your financial statements on the business grants portal. You should have the softcopy for your Financial Statements for the last 3 financial years of your business.

To access the business grants portal, please go to:
You will need your Corp Pass access to log in to the business grants portal. Please ensure that you have at least Preparer/Acceptor access before proceeding. You can enable the access via Corp Pass.

  1. Select "Edit company profile".

  1. Select the row: FY (YYYY)

  1. Update the Financial Year that you're submitting for.

  2. Update your Financial Year End Date.

  3. Update the Revenue figures for your financial year.

  4. Update the Net Profit before Tax for your financial year.

  5. Upload your financial statement for the indicated year.

  1. Scroll down and Click on the "Save" Button to submit your financial statements.

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