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Job Listing & Onboarding on ATS Module
Job Listing & Onboarding on ATS Module

A guide on creating job listing on Payboy

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How to create a job listing on Payboy?

Step 1: Login in Payboy, and go to ATS

Step 2: Click "+ New Job Listing"

Step 3: Fill in the relevant fields

Do note:

-You will have to create the position under Company > Organization

-After the checking the box "Publish", the job listing will be live

Step 4: Choose the field that are applicable for your job listing under the Basic Information, you will be able to enable the different field and mark them mandatory when necessary

Step 5: Drag along the options provided for you to customise your own template according to your needs and click submit

Step 6: You will see the URL for the application, of which you can post on any websites that you prefer. You will be able to see the number of applicants on the right side of the page.

Step 7: You can look at the applicant's basic information when you click into the eye icon (on the above image)

Step 8: After viewing the applicant's information and when you have decided to hire that applicant, you will be able to onboard the employee straight from here

Step 9: After clicking on the "Onboard" button, you will be brought to your onboarding page where you can proceed your onboarding process as per normal.

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