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Inventory Module Guide
Inventory Module Guide
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Inventories - For clients to keep track of the location and amount of items they have internally

Setting up of the inventories:

Step 1:

Go to Inventories > Inventories Locations and then Inventories, this is to make sure you have included Inventory Locations and Inventories** before you can start adding Inventory items**

**Inventories is the name while Inventory Items are the quantity of each item

Step 2:

Inventory Locations: This is the physical location of your inventory items

Go to Inventories > Inventories Locations > Add new inventories location

Choose if there is a Specific Organisation or All Organisation > Add location name (could be the address of the particular organisation)

If there is a specific organisation, there will be an additional field for you to specify which organisations.

Step 3:

Inventories: This refers to the name of the inventories and not the quantity of the inventory item

Go to Inventories > Inventories > Add New Inventory

Input the inventory name and you will be able to choose who are the permitted issuers as well as requesters

Once the specific option is selected, there will be additional fields for you:

  • Specific positions means for all the employees who are in that position (Eg. HR executives)

  • Specific employees means for some exceptional employees who will be permitted to issue the inventory items even though they are not in the specific position chosen

  • Here, you will also have the option of "Require Acknowledgment", which means you will require your employee who received the inventory item to acknowledge via the Payboy system that they have received it physically.

Step 4:

After setting up Inventory Locations and Inventories, you will be brought to the Inventory page (refer to screenshot), you will then be able to add items, each item you add to it will be adding the quantity of that particular inventory.

Step 5:

While adding the inventory item, you will be able to choose which organisation the item belongs to or which location will the item be allocated. You will also be able to key in the Quantity of the Inventory Item.

Step 6:

After adding all the inventory items, you will be able to view the status and all the different Inventory items you have under All Inventory items. Here, you will be able to take some actions: Reserve/ Issue

Reserve function: This is for the admin to reserve the items for some employees before they are ready to be issued.

For example, if you already purchased some laptops but they have not arrived, you are reserving those items for the employees.

Another example is when you have the items available and you are reserving for a new hire.

How to reserve an item:

Step 1:

Go to All inventories Items > Click on the Reserve button next to the item you're looking to reserve

Step 2: Select which employee you want to reserve the item for and click Reserve

Step 3: After reservation, you will be able to Issue the item or cancel the reservation accordingly. You will also be able to see the inventory item movement.

Issue function: This is for admins to confirm that the item has been passed on to the employee.

How to issue an item: You can issue an item to any employee if the item's status is Available, you can only confirm that item to one particular employee when the status is Reserved

Step 1: Go to All inventories > Click on the Issue button next to the item you're looking to issue

Step 2: Select which employee you want to issue the item to, select the Issue time and click Issue

If the "Require acknowledgment" is checked:

Step 3: After, you will be brought to this page to see the details, and you will notice "Issue Acknowledgment" will be Pending

Step 4: The employee receiving the item will have to acknowledge the issuing of items, via Inventory > My Inventory Records, and Click "Acknowledge"

Inventory Movement audit log: You can track the movement of each inventory item, with date/ time stamp and to which employee the item has been issued to

Step 1: Go to All Inventory Items > Click on the eye icon of the particular item you wish to see the movement of

Request for items: (from Employee account)

Step 1: Go to Inventories > My inventory requests > Click on "+ Request Inventory"

Step 2: Select the Inventory item you are requesting and submit

Current available quantity: It will show up accordingly once you have chosen the inventory item


-You will only be able to request items that belong to your organisation

-You will still be able to submit the request even if the current available quantity is 0

Step 3: The status will show Pending, your manager/admin will have to reserve/issue/deny your request before carrying on.

From the manager/admin's account: Go to Inventories > Inventory Requests

You will be able to click on the request to see the details and decide your next action.

If you are denying the request, you will have to include the reason for denying. The employee will receive a notification that their request has been denied and the reason why.

If you face any difficulties, feel free to contact us through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen, or email us at We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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