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Tax Treatment of CPF Contributions
Tax Treatment of CPF Contributions
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Hello! It's tax filing season, and we aim to alleviate some of that stress for you through this article!

Quick Summary...


Tax Treatment

Compulsory CPF contributions made

Not Taxable

Contributions relating to employment outside Singapore

Not Taxable

Voluntary CPF contributions made


CPF contributions related to Director's Fees


Compulsory vs Voluntary contributions

Compulsory Contributions made are those in accordance with the CPF act on employees' Ordinary and Additional wages. (Applicable for SCs and SPRs)

As such, contributions made to SC and SPRs employed in Singapore are not taxable.

Voluntary contributions are made by employers to an employee's CPF account.

These contributions made are taxable.

Do note that employees who have newly gained SPR status* are required to make smaller contributions in the first two years. After the two-year period, the full rates apply.

*Refer here for the SPR 1st/2nd Year contribution rates (Tables 2 - 5).

If an employer and employee were to contribute the full rates during these two years (subjected to the CPF board approval), these contributions would be counted as compulsory contributions (which will not be taxable).

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