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Additional Medisave Contribution Scheme (AMCS) and Portable Medical Benefits Scheme (PMBS)
Additional Medisave Contribution Scheme (AMCS) and Portable Medical Benefits Scheme (PMBS)

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What is AMCS?

Build up an employee’s MediSave savings under AMCS

You can make MediSave contributions under AMCS (AMCS contributions) of any amount up to $2,730 per employee per year. AMCS contributions are not subject to the CPF Annual Limit nor the employee’s Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS)

AMCS contributions are tax-free for employees and relevant tax benefits may also apply to employers.

What is PMBS?

Implementing the Portable Medical Benefits Scheme (PMBS)

Employers can use the AMCS to implement the PMBS. They can also return or transfer any accrued medical benefit of their employees into their CPF MediSave Account.

For more information, please visit the CPF website here.

How do I implement AMCS on Payboy?

Step 1: Go to Company > Organisations > Edit the Organisation involved

Step 2: Enable AMCS and PMBS ( if your company is intending to go under the PMBS scheme) and add in the additional CSN number provided to you by CPF Board. (How do I apply for an additional CSN number?)

Step 3: Configure the AMCS Contribution percentage. Payboy has preset the percentage to be set at 1% in line with the PMBS scheme, you may choose to provide your employees more on an individual or company level. To do so on a company level, edit the percentage in the text box here.

Step 4: Assign new CSN numbers to employees.

Go to Payroll > CPF Submission > Mass Assign CSN

Step 5: Select your Organisation, CSN Type (AMCS), and the CSN number for AMCS.

Step 6: Select the employees that you wish to assign the AMCS number and click submit.

Feel free to contact us at if you face any difficulties. We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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