Introducing Payboy Benefits!

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Written by Chewy Quah
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What is Payboy Benefits?

Payboy Benefits is a health and wellness module that is complimentary for all Payboy users! Payboy has negotiated special rates on behalf of our clients to offer employee benefits that are previously available to MNCs. We will be starting from the health and wellness space, starting with GPs and TCMs, and will be expanding more categories for you and your employees to enjoy!

Who are your current partners?

We currently have Healthway Medical, and Fullerton Health clinics as part of our panel GP clinics, as well as Zhongjing and Eu Yan Sang TCM as our TCM providers. Do check in on your app regularly as we add new categories and features (:

How do I enable Payboy Benefits?

The company admin / HR will need to head over to Settings > Integrations to enable the Payboy Benefits module for your employees.

How do my employees access Payboy Benefits?

Your employees will need to download the Payboy app, login and navigate to the sidebar and click Benefits! They will be able to see the latest partners and offerings!

How much do I have to pay for Payboy Benefits?

Payboy Benefits is free for all Payboy clients! If you are not an existing customer of Payboy, do reach out to us over at the messaging chat box and we will be able to assist you with this!

Why is Payboy doing this?

Payboy has launched Benefits to give back to our customers, providing them with an added advantage in a competitive job recruitment market. We would also like to support our customers, growing an ecosystem where our customers support each other (:

Whether you are a Payboy customer or a prospective Payboy customer looking for opportunities to position your businesses to working-class adults, reach out to us here!

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