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This feature helps to automate the submission of both Occupational Employment Dataset (OED) and Labour Market Survey to MoM for you! You can either manually generate the information and submit it on the 15th of every month or have the system automate this submission for you every month.

How to enable MoM Labour Survey submissions?

  1. From the side navigation bar, head to Company > Basic Info

  2. Make sure that "Enable MoM Form Survey Form Submission?" is checked.

  3. Click Submit to save the settings

  4. Head to the Employee side navigation bar and you should now see "MOM Forms"

How to generate the data needed by MoM?

  1. Head to Employee > All MOM Forms

  2. Click "+ New MoM Form" on the top right corner of the page

  3. Select the respective Organisation and Form type

  4. More fields will appear and fill in the remaining fields.

  5. Click Submit to generate the information.

  6. The system will compile all the necessary information for you to double-check, before submission.

  7. Update your employee particulars (Occupational Group, Highest educational category etc.)

    Click on the eye icon of the employee that you would like to view under the Actions column

  8. Click Edit Survey (bottom right-hand corner)

  9. Update the employee particulars accordingly

    (e.g all particulars with orange words below the option box need to be filled)

  10. After double-checking, the information, click Submit to let the system know that this data is ready for submission

  11. Do note that even after submitting the form, that does not mean that MoM receives the form!

    They will only receive the form on the 15th of every month! (If you have selected automated)

  12. The 'Submission Status: Ready (To be emailed to MoM on April 15th, 2022)' indicates that edits could be made to the form before the emailing date.

How to submit the survey to MoM?

There are 2 ways for you to submit to MoM:

1 ) Manually

  1. Follow the steps above under "How to generate the data needed by MoM?"

  2. After double-checking the information, click Queue for Submission to let the system know that this data is ready for submission

    โ€‹How to get to this page?

    From the side nav, head to Employees > All MoM forms > Click on the eye icon of the form that you would like to submit

2 ) Automated

  1. From the side nav, head to Employees > MoM Settings

  2. Find the organisation that you would like to automate for > Click on the Edit icon, under actions columns

  3. Fill in all the fields and check the box for Automatic Submission > Submit

  4. Every 15th of the month, the system will automatically generate both OED and Labour Market Survey and email them to MoM

Feel free to contact us at if you face any difficulties. We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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