Pay-Per-Use Billing
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Introducing our usage-based subscription, Pay-Per-Use Billing!

Where you will use the modules (payroll, leaves and claims etc) first and get billed afterward on a monthly basis! If you wish to change your subscription plan to this usage-based subscription, please reach out to us through the support chat.

What is Pay-Per-Use?

Pay-Per-Use is calculated based on the number of active employees per module.

Any employee that uses a module (even once) will be counted as an active employee. This allows our system to track the number of employees that uses a module in a month.

How to activate Pay-Per-Use?

To activate Pay-Per-Use subscription plan, you will need to contact our support team through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email us at

What is the difference between Pay-Per-Use Subscription VS Current Subscription?



Post Paid (billed on a monthly basis after using)

Pre Paid (billed upfront first for the subsequent month)

Modules are calculated based on usage

Modules are pre-selected and included within the subscription plan

All modules are available for use

Only modules in subscription plan are accessible

Able to deactivate and reactivate subscription before the final billing date

Able to resubscribe by selecting the wanted subscription plan

How does proration work in a Pay-Per-Use subscription?

(Note: Proration calculation is only applicable to the first month of your Pay-Per-Use) billing.)


This formula calculates the amount to be deducted from the gross total using

the number of non-working days in the first month.

Company A just subscribed to PayBoy on 10th April. They have onboarded all their employees. They have been using the Pay-Per-Use subscription for the month of April and it is currently May.

Gross Total (April) : $200

Their bill estimate for April will be calculated as follows:

Gross Total - Prorated Discount = Bill Estimate

Prorated Amount:
No. of days before subscription date = 9 days (1 April - 9 April)

No. of days in a month = 30 days (April has 30 days)

Bill Estimate For April:

$200 - $60 = $140

What are the modules I can use for Pay-Per-Use?

You will have access to all 15 modules that we provide to all our active users!

  • Payroll

  • Employees

  • Covid Safe+

  • Entry Devices

  • ATS

  • Appraisals

  • Attendance

  • Shift Schedule

  • Claims

  • Leaves

  • Projects

  • Inventories

  • Trainings

  • Reports

Can I remove my credit card?

Unfortunately, you are unable to remove your credit card if you are active on Pay-Per-Use subscription.

You can only remove your credit card after you deactivated the Pay-Per-Use subscription and the final billing is successful.

When do I get billed after I deactivate Pay-Per-Use subscription?

After unsubscribing, your last billing will be on the 5th of the following month!

Can I change my credit card?

  • From the billing page, click on "Update Credit Card"

  • After filling in your Credit Card details, select Save.

Once successful, Stripe will bill your credit card monthly. (check under admin accounts in settings).

How do I unsubscribe or deactivate my Pay-Per-Use?

  • To deactivate your Pay-Per-Use subscription, click Deactivate

  • After deactivating, your final billing date will be shown under 'Plan Details'.

Can I reactivate my Pay-Per-Use subscription again after I deactivate it?

To reactivate your Pay-Per-Use again after your deactivation click on Reactivate.

If your reactivation is successful, your final billing date will be removed from 'Plan Details'.

You can continue using your Pay-Per-Use subscription account again!

How do you read the monthly bill estimate?

Your usage report is a monthly bill estimate that shows the total number of active employees using per module.

(Note: The monthly bill estimate is not inclusive of proration and overall coupon discounts)

Let's read this monthly bill estimate for Company A:

Company A has total of 22 employees for the month of May.

There are 22 employees using leaves, claims and project costing modules.

Among the 22 employees, there are 2 Employees using shift schedule module.

Bill Estimate (May 2022):






22 employees




22 employees



Shift Scheduling

2 employees



Project Costing

22 employees



Gross Total:


Total Bill = Gross Total X 7% GST

= $294.00 X 7%

= $294.00 + $20.58

= $314.58

For Company A, the total bill estimate for May would be $314.58

(This bill estimated is based on the year 2022, do take note of the difference in pricing and GST accordingly.)

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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