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How to create a timesheet for employees in project costing?
How to create a timesheet for employees in project costing?
Written by Chewy Quah
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Timesheets can be used to calculate number of hours each employee contributes to each project. This time sheet will be used in project calculations.

(Note: Make sure that your employees are assigned by the timesheet. For more information on the assignment click here )

Timesheets can be created by either admin, managers, or employees.

Step 1: Projects > Time sheet > New Time sheets

Step 2: To create new timesheets, these are the compulsory (unless stated) fields

1. Employees: Select the employee assigned to the timesheet

2. Date: Input the date of the timesheet

3: Project: Select an active project that is assigned to the employee

4. Hours: Number of hours worked for the selected project

5. Minutes: Number of minutes worked for the selected project

6. Rate Type: How the costing will be calculated

Step 3: After submission, timesheets will be created with Hours/ Minutes and Rate type filled in.


  • Managers can help subordinates to create their time sheets

    (Projects > Staff Timesheet > Follow Step 1 and 2)

  • Employees can input their own timesheets through their staff account.

    (Projects > My Time sheet > New Time sheet > Step 1 and 2)

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