To import attendance logs to project costings, attendance logs have to be created first.

  • There are 2 ways to create attendance logs:

  1. Manually create attendance logs.

  2. Require employees to check in and out using the mobile app/web.

After creation of attendance logs, here are the steps to import them to project costings:

Step 1: Projects > Time sheets > Import Attendance Logs > Select Month > Submit

Step 2: Select Month > Submit

Imported attendance logs will be displayed under time sheets.

(Note: Previous imports for the month will be overwritten by any new import for the same month.)

What is the difference between Timesheets and Attendance for assignment type?

  • Time sheets are created based on manual input of an estimated no. of working hours the employee spends on each projects

  • Attendance is based on imported attendance logs which rely on employees’ clock in and out timings.

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