A: Please take note of your company's subdomain when you were onboarding into the company. Usually, the company's subdomain would be your company's name. If you are not sure, please approach your company's administrator for your company's subdomain. Below is the screenshot of the subdomain.

For example, in this case:

  1. Open your browser, type in https://mangosteam.payboy.biz.
  2. You will be directed to the login page.
  3. Enter your Organisation login ID.
    (Note: Depending on your company, it might be in charge of multiple different sub-organisations. You should check with your administrator for the specific organisation ID for you. If you are the admin, click here for information regarding organisations)
  4. Enter your User ID (it can be your Email or NRIC).
  5. Enter your Password.
  6. Click on Log in and you will be directed to the dashboard.

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