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A guide to tagging employees within your database

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The employee tag system is created on the Payboy software to aid HR managers by creating and sorting relevant groups of employees within the company. These tags can be utilized at any point in time should the company require specialized manpower for certain tasks.

In the situation where certain employees have undergone training and are able to partake in a certain assignment, the employee tag function allows ad hoc grouping of such employees.

How to create a new tag

  • Head to Employees > click on Employee Tags on the side menu.

  • Click the + New Tag button on the top-right-hand corner.

  • Enter the Name of the tag and select the employees who are designated with the tag

  • Click Submit button to create this new tag.

How to view/edit an existing tag

  • Click the button View under Actions on the particular row of existing tag (to view the details of the tag)

  • To edit an existing tag, click the Edit button to edit the details of the tag.

  • You are also able to Delete a created tag by clicking on the Delete button.

  • Click the Submit button to save any changes made

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