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How to create new Admin accounts for my HR or Payroll colleagues?
How to create new Admin accounts for my HR or Payroll colleagues?

A guide on creating multiple admin accounts in Payboy and specifying permissions for each administrator

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In most Human Resource departments using Payboy, there is a good likelihood of having more than one administrator overseeing the different HR functions. 

Regarding administrative levels, the main administrator is also known as the owner and will have complete access to all available functions in the account. 

The owner can grant full or partial access to other administrators if necessary.
The owner can also grant other administrators permission to create administrators and edit permissions.

  • Head to Settings > Admin Accounts on the side menu

  • Click the + Invite New Admin button at the top-right-hand corner

  • Enter the Name, Email, and Phone number of the new administrator. (Note: Please enter an active and correct email address as our system will send out an invitation email to the new Administrator. The Administrator will be asked to create a password upon the first login.)

  • Select the functions which this new administrator can access. You can choose from some of our titles which have preset permissions. Alternatively, you can create a new custom role and decide which functions you would like to grant to the new administrator.

  • If the admin is only able to have permission for certain actions in a module, you can expand the module to select the allowed actions.

  • You can limit the type of organization or the groups of employees an administrator can have access to via the "Admin view permissions" drop-down list and the "Employee Group permissions" dropdown list.

(For a guide on how to create Employee Groups, please click on this link: Employee Groups)

  • If the admin is allowed to view Private Appraisals, check the box. Without doing so, any appraisals that have been set to Private can only be viewed by admins who have this particular permission.

  • Click the Submit button to add and invite this new administrator. An invitation email will be sent to the new administrator’s email

List of access that owners are entitled to give other administrators.



Organization Structure









Applicant Tracking System





Entry Device Access

Covid Safe +

Facial Device Access

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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