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Adjusting calendar views, employee directory and profile settings for employees.

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In this tab, you will be able to decide how employees view their portals, the extent of their functionalities, and enable employee directories.

  • From the sidebar, select Employees > Employee Settings

Employee Directory

  • The first setting is to enable employee directories. This will allow employees to find the emails and/or phone numbers of their colleagues. These searches may be restricted to the company or department level.

  •   To enable the employee directory, click on the box to enable the directory.

The system will then prompt for more information. Select Department for the searches to be restricted at an organization level. Otherwise, select Company

Following this, you may choose to display email addresses and/or contact numbers in the directory by clicking on the boxes.

Edit Profile Settings and Birthday Notification

  • Under Profile settings, you may enable the following options by clicking the respective checkbox:-

    • employee's ability to edit their respective profiles on the employee portal

    • employee's ability to upload documents

    • to receive an email notification if an employee makes any changes in the profile

    • to show alias name only on the selected portals

  • Under Birthday settings, choose if you would like to receive birthday notifications.

Employment Type Ending Notification

  • You can customize notifications for employment ending dates. You may choose to receive notification for the probation end date and internship end date by entering the number of days you wanted to be notified before the end date. If you want to disable notification, you may leave it blank.

Work Pass and Document Expiry Notifications

  • You can customize notifications for expiring work passes and important documents. You may choose to send the email notification to you, the employee, or both. This will help you to plan things ahead.

Calendar Settings

  • Lastly, customize the calendar view for your employees. Employee calendar settings allows you to edit whose Birthday, New Hires, Work pass expiry, document expiry, leaves & Terminating dates that the employees can see on their calendar.

  • Employees may view the above based on company, organization, department, subordinates, or self only.

  • Select Save to save changes made.

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