The Payboy software makes provisions for the administrator to set up and modify the default working hours of different groups of employees within a company.

The administrator can either choose to set up a company-wide working hour system, or augment it with specific working hours for certain groups of employees.

Setting Up the Company's Working Hours

  • On the left-side menu, head to Company > click on Work Hours
  • Edit the Start of working period and End of working period accordingly on one of the day.(Note: Each box represents a day of the week)
  • Uncheck the box by clicking on the tick mark next to the Working Day if it is not a working day. The fields will be shaded grey
  • Check the box by clicking beside the label Half Day if it is a half working day (Note that a half day has to be a working day. Hence, you will not be able to check half day exclusively without checking it as a working day as well)
  • Click Submit to save any changes made.

(Note: These working hours will be assigned to ALL employees automatically, both existing and new ones)

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