Sometimes a company can host a special event with differing shift hours from the usual shift rostering. This guide will aide in creating such one-time use shifts and how to apply it to multiple employees.

Creating the shift

  • From the dashboard, go to the Rostering tab > Create Shift.
  • From this page, indicate the following:
  1. Outlet that this shift will apply to 
  2. One employee involved in this shift
  3. A time in and out
  4. A date to apply this specific shift to
  5. Remarks for the employee
  6. Pay item to link this shift to payroll
  7. Existing and similar shift template (optional)
  8. Employee's role for this shift (optional)
  • After all mandatory fields have been completed, click on Submit.

Apply this shift to multiple employees

  • Log onto a manager account
  • From the dashboard > Rostering tab > Shift Planning
  • The shift planned in the above steps should be visible as shown below:
  • To apply this shift to multiple employees, on your device, click on the shift + Ctrl, and drag the shift to the relevant cell. You may repeat this action across different employees and different days.
  • After all the shifts have been multiplied, select Publish Shifts on the top right. Employees will be able to view the shifts they are assigned to. Shifts may still be copied as in the above step but do note that the shifts will automatically be published.

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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