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Additional Overtime Settings

Starting OT hours based on specific timings and work days.

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Depending on individual company policy, different overtime rates may apply to different times and days of the week. Payboy can assist companies in automating such conditions.

  • From an employee's profile > Employment Details tab, click on edit in the Current Pay Scheme box.

  • Ensure that under the "Overtime Hours" header, the "Has overtime pay" option has been checked.

  • Following the above, there will be an option to set an "Additional Overtime Rate". Click on "+ Add Overtime Rate" to add more conditions to overtime rates.

  • From here, there are a few things that are required.

  1. Multiplier: Refers to the multiplier rate you wish to apply for this setting, e.g. x1.5 of the base hourly rate or x2 of the base hourly rate.

  2. Hourly pay: To change the default calculated amount, uncheck "Auto calculate" and key in a custom amount.

  3. Type: Refers to the type of workday this rate should be applied to, e.g. different overtime rates applied on off days and holidays only.

  4. Days: Refers to the specific day the work day falls on, e.g. apply this specific overtime rate to holidays that fall on a Sunday only.

  5. Time From and Time To: Refers to the specific time that overtime begins. Note: For flexible work timings, check "Start Day", to ensure that all hours are considered from when the employee first checks in. Similarly, for unplanned OT, check "End Day", to ensure that all hours whenever an employee checks out.

  6. Pay out additional hours using this multiplier: Apply this rate after the default working hours, otherwise, normal basic rates will apply after Time To*. (Default Hours have been previously set under Working Hours).

  • After setting the above, click on Submit. Multiple additional settings can be set for overtime

Some important notes:

  • If an employee works overnight e.g. Wednesday 11 pm to Thursday 6 am, only the rates set for Wednesday will be applied to the OT hours as the attendance check-in started on Wednesday.

  • *Work on rest days or public holidays is not counted in the 72-hour overtime limit, except for work done beyond the usual daily working hours on those days. Such extra hours are included in the 72-hour limit.

  • You can refer to this link for more information:

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