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Xero Integration - Manual Journal
Xero Integration - Manual Journal
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For new users of Payboy or existing Payboy users who are looking to sync with Xero, you may head to our “How do I set up XERO Integration?” Article before reading this one.

What is the new feature under our Xero Integration?

Previously, billing was the only feature for Xero, however, now there is Manual Journal. A journal entry is a means of manually recording transactions and adjustments to your Xero accounting file. Recording expenses made on personal cards, recording prepaid expenses, or recurring expenses, such as a rent reimbursement are a few reasons for posting a journal entry.

How to set up my Manual Journal?

Step 1: Change the “Export Type” to Manual Journal (Integrations > Xero Settings > Export Type)

Step 2: Choose how to classify your Bills or Manual Journal (Integrations > Xero Settings > Classification Type)

To group by employee means that you send the salary information into the accounts on an employee level, but pay items group them up so that you are unable to see the breakdown.

Step 3: Map your accounts accordingly!

As compared to Billing, the debit and credit banks do not have to be the same account. [E.g For Reimbursement, if you were to use “Bank 1” for Credit, you can use “Bank 2” for debit.]

When an account for one category is left blank, it will follow the parent company’s selected account. [E.g The bank account for Reimbursement is “Bank 1”, but the bank accounts for Food Claim, Mobile Claim and Transport Claim were to be left blank. After you save the changes, the bank for those 3 claims will follow the parent company (Reimbursement) which is “Bank 1”.]

Do note that if it is a Xero's System Account, you will not be able to map or select from the dropdown list.

(Integrations > Xero Settings > Account Mapping > Save)

How to use it?

Step 1: Generate your payroll(s) and sync them to Xero. (Payroll > Generate Payroll > Click on Xero button > Click on the sync button after being directed to the Xero Sync page)

After clicking on the Xero button, this is the page you will be brought to:

Step 2: Log in to your Xero account, and go to Journal Reports. Make sure your accounts are balanced. You can cross-check between the journal report on Xero and the Xero settings on Payboy Integrations to make sure that the right account was used for the transactions. (Log in to Xero Account > Accounting > Reports > Journal Reports)

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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