Different companies have different type of leaves, separate from the mandatory leaves specified by local government bodies. Payboy allows you to customize different categories of leaves used by your company - this is known as Leave Types.

Correctly setting up your Leave Types is important as they will affect:

  • Automatic calculation of the number of working days for an employee
  • Calculation of an employee's salary during payroll generation

How to create a new Leave Type

  • Open the sidebar and select Leave > Leave Types
  • At the top of the screen, select +New Leave Type

From here, you are able to edit various settings regarding the characteristics of the leave:

  • Entitlements - You can select whether the leave type in question is applicable to all employees, or certain positions. Furthermore, you can allocate different quantities of leave accorded annually based on these different positions, as well as the employee's number of years in service
  • Entitlement period - For the given leave type, you can choose for the leaves to be accorded all at the start of the year, or divided over every 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 months
  • Unused leaves - You can choose to either forfeit, encash, or carry forward unused leaves for the year.(Note: If you decide to carry forward or encash leaves, you can set a maximum amount for each year. If you choose to carry forward, you can also select an expiry period for the leaves)
  • Gender - You can restrict the leave type do different genders
  • Proration - Choose whether leaves are prorated or non-prorated, as well as the rounding choice for incomplete months/days.

The following are also a list of checkbox settings you can set for the leave type:

  • Default settings - Newly onboarded employees will be assigned the leave by default, if they fulfill the conditions set
  • Overflow - This allows for employees to apply for more leaves then they currently have, as long as it does not exceed their overall yearly amount
  • Unpaid - The system will prorate the employee's monthly salary for the month in which the leave is applied
  • Reason required - Employees will be required to write a reason justifying the leave taken
  • Proof required - Employees will be required to upload a file (either PDF or image) as proof
  • Apply to existing employees - If any currently onboarded employees are eligible, the leave type will be accorded to them

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