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Sick Leave (Outpatient and Hospitalisation)
Sick Leave (Outpatient and Hospitalisation)

A guide on the new Sick Leave Type and how to create them.

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What are the new changes?

Due to the large influx of requests for more automation on our Sick Leaves, we have created a new Sick Leave Type that updates itself automatically in accordance with MOM's latest changes in policies and regulations.

Where and how can I create the Sick Leave Type?

Navigate to the sidebar of the screen, click on Leaves > Leave types > At the top right of the screen click on “+ New Leave Types”

For a guide on how to create other basic leave types, you may refer to this article

From there, simply select “Sick leave” from the Category drop-down box

Then you will be able to tick the relevant options you would like to tie to the leave type and click Submit

You are also able to enable to option to allow employees to submit Half Day Sick Leave requests. If this option is not ticked, the employee will only be able to submit a Full-day leave request.

Next, click “View entitlements”

Finally, click “+ Mass Assign” on the top right and assign it to your employees.

Once you have mass-assigned it to your employees, you're done! Below is an example of how the new sick leave type would appear on your leave type's page

You may then refer to this article on how to apply for leave.

Entitlement Logic

The number of days of paid sick leave you are entitled to depends on your period of service, up to 14 days for paid outpatient sick leave and 60 days for paid hospitalization leave. The 60 days of paid hospitalization leave includes the 14 days of paid outpatient sick leave entitlement.

Limits on paid sick leave days

The amount of paid outpatient sick leave and paid hospitalization leave you can take is capped at your sick leave entitlement.


If you have already taken 14 days of paid outpatient sick leave in a year, the number of days of paid hospitalisation leave that you can take is 46 days

(60 - 14 = 46).

Pro-rated paid sick leaves for new hires (Under 6 months)

If you are a new employee, paid sick leave is pro-rated according to your length of service.

You must have worked for at least 3 months to be entitled to paid outpatient sick leave or paid hospitalization leave.

Between 3 and 6 months of service, your entitlement is pro-rated as follows:

Number of months of service completed

Paid outpatient sick leave (days)

Paid hospitalization leave (days)










6 and thereafter



Note: Our new Sick Leave Type proration is in accordance with MOM's regulations.

You can refer here to learn more about Sick leave eligibility and entitlement.

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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