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Welcome to Payboy's Support Centre!
Welcome to Payboy's Support Centre!
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Hello! Thank you for choosing Payboy as your trusted Human Resource Management (HRM) software!

This Support Centre is designed to provide an alternative guide for Payboy users. It is also designed to provide a complete self-service support option for you. In the case whereby you face any difficulties during operation of our Payboy software, feel free to drop us an email at We will get back to you within 3 working days.


Our Payboy software has five major components that aim to meet the standard required by MOM as well as Business function.

  1. Payroll Management
    Our payroll system enables the automation in generating payslips of the month for the employees in the company. It is able to automatically calculate unpaid leaves, claims, and timesheets submitted by employees. Subsequently, it will generate an itemised payslip for each employees without much hassle. Statutory compliance such as Central Provident Fund (CPF), Self-Help Groups (SHG), and Skills Development Levy (SDL) are also taken into account during payroll generation. Furthermore, it can also generate Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) income tax submission for the company. Last but not least, our payroll system is able to generate GIRO transfer file for local banks such as DBS, UOB, OCBC, CIMB, HSBC & Maybank.

  2. Hassle-Free Leaves & Claims Submissions
    Payboy's Leave and Claim systems help businesses to reduce the nightmare in handling the paperwork loads as how the traditional businesses experienced previously. Besides, it helps employees to submit their leaves/claims conveniently at all time as our software is accessible via mobile phones. The approval manager in charge could make the approval decision conveniently as well due to the approval access via Email notification. As mentioned in the previous section, the approved leaves and claims will be taken into account during payroll generation of the month.

  3. Efficient Attendance Tracking & Rostering Systems
    These features are highly recommended for labor intensive businesses such as F&B, Manufacturing, etc. Payboy's attendance & rostering systems aim to meet the demand in allocating manpower efficiently and effectively. Payboy enables third party integrations to track the attendance of employees such as fingerprints scanning. We do have other solutions for attendance tracking, feel free to contact us at here.

  4. Third-Party Integrations
    In every business, there is a need for accounting function that is in charge of financial matters. To fulfill this need, our Payboy software can be integrated with different online accounting softwares such as Intuit Quickbooks and Xero. These softwares complement Payboy's existing functions and integrating their functions helps promote hassle-free business operations.

  5. Variety of Report Generators
    Reports play very significant roles in a business. To summarise our features' processes above, Payboy's report generation covers a number of reports such as expenses, claims, leaves, attendance, as well as CPF. These reports are based on the existing features and hence data already included in the software. Therefore, Payboy minimises potential error during the compilations of information for the report itself.

Beginner Guidelines

This part of Support Centre is to provide a comprehensive guideline on how to start using Payboy. 

The following is a summary of the Beginner Guideline:

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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