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A guide on the different employee profile tabs

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Under the all employees tab, you may view and/or edit the information of each employee under their individual profiles. From their profiles, you may off-board resigned employees, adjust their leaves, set recurring pay items and a myriad of other options.

  • To view employee's individual profiles, go to the Employee tab > All Employees.

  • Select the view icon for the specific employee

  • This will bring you to the employee's profile, where different information is stored under four different tabs. Click on the tabs to view the information you require.

1. Personal tab

The personal tab contains employee's personal particulars, emergency contacts and/or family member details. Along with any documents and memos uploaded.

  • Click on the pen icon to edit details in the respective boxes.

  • Otherwise, click on Add to add additional family members, documents or memos.

2. Employment Details tab

The employment details tab contains employee's employment details (employment state, position, department, etc) and career history. Along with past payslips, bank details and salary details.

  • Click on the pen icon to edit details in the respective boxes.

3. Entitlement tab

The entitlement tab contains employee's leave and claim details, as well as recurring pay item entitlements.

  • Click on the cross to remove any leaves and/or claim entitlement or recurring pay item.

  • To edit/adjust the Leave entitlement, select the Tool icon.

  • To edit the recurring pay item, click on the pen icon.

  • To add an item, click on the respective +Add button.

4. Audit tab

  • The audit tab contains a record of all changes made to an employee's profile.

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