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Introduction to Project Module!
Introduction to Project Module!

How do I use the projects module to assign my projects to employees and get an estimate of the cost of salaries and claims?

Written by Chewy Quah
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This module serves to provide admins with an estimate of how much the company is spending on each project in terms of salaries and claims.

In the project module, we have new features for a more detailed breakdown and estimate of each project in terms of salaries, timesheets, and claims.

Project features:

1. Time Sheets: For admins or employees to manually input the number of hours for each project

2. Project Calculations: The calculations of the cost breakdown of each project

3. Projects: Creation and management of projects

4. Projects Roles: For an indication of roles used during time sheets creation for each project

5. Overheads: Expenses incurred to support the project, which are not directly related to a specific product or service

6. Employees: Shows the list of employees and their assignment types (timesheet, attendance, or allocations)

7. Project Settings: To enable the project module in the employee portal

How to start using Projects Module

Step 1: Create Projects

To access the create projects page, head to the Projects tab > Projects > Click on the + New Project button on the top right.

Step 2: In order to create a new project, these are the compulsory (unless otherwise stated) fields:

  1. Name: The project name.

  2. Description (optional): A short description explaining what this project is about.

  3. Start Date: Project start date (can be backdated).

  4. End Date (optional): Project end date (can be backdated or left blank for projects with no end dates).

  5. Outlet/Branch: Indicate the outlet that this project is tagged to, in order for attendance logs to be automatically allocated to this project.

  6. Project Roles: Indicate roles tagged to this project

  7. Auto assign new employees to project: Check this box to allow new employees to be tagged to this project automatically

  8. Archive: Check this box when this project is no longer in use.

Step 3: Assign employees to projects

Step 4: Assign employees according to timesheet/attendance or allocations

Step 5: Input data from the assignment types

  • Timesheet: Create a timesheet for employees or allow employees to input their own timesheet

  • Attendance: Import attendance logs into timesheets

    (Skip this if you are not using the attendance module)

  • Allocations: Allocate employee's project allocations through salary

Step 6: Generate Payroll, to capture additional payments that have been added during payroll.

Step 7: Generate Project Calculations, to consolidate the information from all assignment types

Step 8: Generate Project Costing Report, to get a detailed breakdown of the project's cost

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties through the support chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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