This article will help you in understanding the basic functions of the system and cover the topics mentioned in an Admin Training:

  1. Dashboard

  2. Company

  3. Payroll

  4. Employees

  5. Appraisals

  6. Attendance

  7. Shift Schedule

  8. Claims

  9. Leaves

Important Functions of the Modules

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Quick Glance Calendar

To see the company calendar in a monthly view e.g. new hires, resigned employees, birthdays & leaves application

Active Announcements

To create announcement to employees with in-app notification





To create new organisation/entity, edit UEN No, add new departments & positions


To register the addresses of the outlets/offices - Applicable if you're using attendance

Approval Groups

To determine who are the approvers for leaves, claims & attendance in the company




Pay Items

To create different types of payments to employees e.g. allowances, commissions, bonus & salary deduction - can be an addition or deduction

Generate Payroll

To generate the numbers for payroll - the first step of the Payroll process

GIRO Submission

To create single/multiple GIRO files for bank upload - the second step of the Payroll process

CPF Submission

To download the CPF file for CPF portal upload - the final step of Payroll process

All Payrolls

To see a summary of all generated payroll in the system

Tax Filing

To create and submit tax filing to IRAS directly




All Employees

To see a summary of all employees' information in the system

Onboard Employee

To onboard new hires in the system

Offboard Employee

To record any resignation or termination of employee

Position Reassignment

To record a change in department, position, employment type & salary

Salary Adjustment

To record a change in salary only


New Template

To create a new form for Appraisal

All Templates

To send adhoc appraisal to employees

All Appraisals

To view a summary of all appraisals that were sent out to employees


Attendance Logs

To view all attendance logs by all employees

Attendance Summary

To view a summary of all attendance logs by individual employee

Shift Schedule

Shift Templates

To create shift templates for Managers to plan shift easily

Shift Attendance

To view all shift timing and attendance logs by all employees


Claims Types

To create and amend the different types of claims in the system

All Claims

To view a summary of all claims submitted by employees


Leaves Types

To create and amend the different types of leaves in the system

All Leaves

To view a summary of all leaves submitted by employees

Give Additional Leaves

To give extra leaves to employees

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