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Guides for Admins

User guides for Payboy Admin accounts, sorted according to tabs

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Welcome to Payboy's Support Centre!
Brunei Bank File
How do I set up Financio Integration?
MoM Labour Survey
Inventory Module Guide
Job Listing & Onboarding on ATS Module
Partners' Account Guidance
Admin Training User Guide
Cost Centre - Everything you need to know
Introduction to Project Module!
How to create a timesheet for employees in project costing?
How to change employee assignment types for project costing?
How to import attendance logs for employees in project costing?
Pay-Per-Use Billing
How to add Project Roles in project costing?
What are Project Overheads?
How to allocate allocations to employees?
How to generate Project Calculations?
How do I generate Project Costing report?
Xero Integration - Manual Journal
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Google Calendar Integration
Employee Calendar Settings

Entry Devices